About the CyberRamblers program

The CyberRamblers program is Loyola University Chicago CyberCorps® Scholarship for Service (SFS) program. Four cohorts of five undergraduate students each, for a total of 20 students, will be CyberRambler scholars. Each cohort will receive the scholarship for two years. Each CyberRambler scholar will be advised and mentored to ensure adequate progress towards graduation and successful job placement. Each cohort will participate in the cybersecurity club activities and engaging in research projects. These scholarships for service will provide the necessary hands-on training and education for the scholars to start a successful cybersecurity career in the US government. The scholarship provides a stipend, tuition, and a professional development allowance for two years.

Each scholar is expected to pledge to work for the government, more specifically, complete an internship at a government agency after the first year and work at a government-level position after graduation for at least the same period as the awarded scholarship. Receiving a two-year scholarship requires serving a two-year period in the government.

Loyola Cybersecurity Center

Loyola University Chicago has been designated as a Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense by the NSA/DHS in June 2020, which shows the B.S. in Cybersecurity curriculum is robust. The Loyola Center for Cybersecurity was created in 2019 to coordinate cybersecurity activities. This includes participation in cybersecurity competitions, outreach to industry and government , and serving as a hub for interdisciplinary research related to cybersecurity. The Center connects faculty from computer science, psychology, engineering, political science, sociology, and criminal justice and criminology.

Why become a CyberRamblers scholar

Scholars will receive the following each year and throughout the program:

Full Scholarship: The scholarship provides annually a $27,000 stipend, tuition and education-related fees reimbursement, and a $6,000 professional development allowance. The scholarship is for two years.
Robust Mentorship: CyberRamblers cholars will be mentored throughout the duration of the program. Faculty members from the Center for Cybersecurity and the Department of Computer Science will be providing the mentoring. The mentorship will include one-on-one meetings to discuss the progress of the scholar and any issues that need to be addressed, as well as regular cohort meetings.
Comprehensive Plan of Study: A personalized plan of study will be created and agreed upon by both the student and the mentor. This plan of study will focus on the interests of the student and will include courses to be taken and any research and cybersecurity activities to be undertaken. The plan of study will also include the goals of the student and how the student plans to achieve these goals. The plan of study will be dynamic and updated over time as needed. Part of this plan will be to attend and participate in SFS activities such as conferences, workshops, seminars, and annual job fairs.
Career Development and Internships: Scholars will receive guidance to obtain internships and jobs and develop their professional skills. They will also have access to resources and support to enhance their job search strategies.

Eligibility Requirements

All students will have to meet the following eligibility requirements:

01: US citizenship
02: GPA of at least 3.5 in the relevant courses
03: Major or intend to major in the B.S. in Cybersecurity program
04: Completed at least one cybersecurity course (preferably COMP 301) with an A- grade
05: Be at least a sophomore (that is, have two years of undergraduate studies remaining). Exceptional juniors might be considered for a one-year scholarship.
Students who are not yet in the B.S. in Cybersecurity program can still apply for the scholarship. If accepted, they will be required to add (or switch to) the B.S. in Cybersecurity program to their degree.

Application Process

  • Your application and recommendation letters need to be received by the end of the day on the deadline.
  • The best applicants will receive an email to schedule a 30-minutes in-person interview on the Loyola Lakeshore campus.
  • Finalist notifications will go out after grades are in.
  • Finalists will be asked to schedule a 30-minutes Zoom/in-person Q&A session.
  • Scholars are encouraged to contact the CyberRamblers team if they are in the Chicago area for the summer.
  • All scholars are expected to check their email regularly over summer for announcements and to fill out paperwork.

Apply now

Deadline for Fall 2024 is 22 March

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